June 24, 2009

FIFA Confederate Cup

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Team USA had been written off. They were ready to go home, get off the plane to little fanfare and call it a day. Then, they won against Egypt. Now, they’re going on to play against the number one team in the conference, Spain. “People had written us off, they didn’t believe in us,” Clint Dempsey, Budweiser Man of the Match and scorer of the crucial third goal that took USA, against all the odds, through to the last four, told FIFA.com. “That’s the way football is, though, things can change completely in the blink of an eye or with the kick of a ball.”

Clint Dempsey is an American  from Texas, yet he plays in the British Premier League for Fulham.  This lad is as all-American as they come, though. He grew up in a tiny town called, Nacogdoches, in circumstances that were less than ideal. Clint is one of five children and his parents were not exactly well off.  They had to save and do without in order for Clint to get a shot at playing soccer.  He told FIFA.com,

“My dad used to drive me six hours back and forth to practise when I was young. He’s a carpenter, and we didn’t have a lot of money, so it wasn’t always easy.” Clint was named US player of the year in 2007, and the prize was a brand-new pick-up truck, which he gave to his dad. “His truck was starting to fall apart and I thought he could use it.”

The coach for Spain, Vicente del Bosque is taking the match up very seriously and is not overly confident that his team is going to automatically go out and win.

He told FIFA.com about team USA, “They are physically and tactically strong and they can make life difficult for us.”

Yes we can!


I love SETANTA sports, which most cable companies forget and FOX SOCCER CHANNEL. My DIRECTV HD DVR will record all of the brand new shows on TV when I can’t watch them, so I don’t miss out on pilots and new series.  I use the Scheduler feature quite a bit, too for when I hear about a show that I want to record and I can’t get home to program the DVR player. My satellite TV service is really not that expensive and I get many more channels than I can get from cable.


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